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About the Artist

Hello there! I’m Cathy, originally from the Netherlands, I spent the past few years studying and working in Melbourne, Shanghai, Brussels, New York, New Haven, and Singapore. After graduating from Yale University in 2019, I reconnected with my artistic passions and fell further in love with painting. I work with a wide range of mediums - coloured pencil, watercolour, gouache, and oil paint - creating elegant, delicate artworks of botanicals, landscapes, wildlife, and your lovely pets.

As a self-taught painter, I seek to constantly evolve my technique and produce work that is both engaging and meaningful. I gather most of my inspiration from walks in nature and photographs I take during my travels. Through my artistic work, I hope to inspire and raise awareness for wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability. To view my public collection of artwork, please visit my virtual gallery on Instagram and YouTube. Let’s stay connected!